[DOWNLOAD] Meal Planner template

[DOWNLOAD] Meal Planner template

In order to do a weekly grocery shop you need to plan your menu. And it is a good idea to visualize it for yourself and others. We've designed the perfect template to make menu planning a breeze.

This template can be opened and updated in Excel online, but for more extensive customizations you need to use Excel desktop app.

The template includes a simple guide to how it can be customized.
This template makes it easy to plan, visualize and share the meal plan for this and upcoming weeks. We have previously written about how you can succeed with a weekly grocery shopping here.


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We take our templates seriously

We love templates! When someone has thought through and tested a template in order for other to just enjoy - fantastic!
We believe a good template is a helpful tool that makes a process simpler by providing a starting point, while making room for personal customizations.
We have made and testet several templates for the household which make every day life just a little bit simpler for busy families. Our templates follow these principles:

  • simple modern design
  • ready to use
  • customizable in Excel
  • print friendly

We'd love to hear what you think! It inspires us to be better!

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