[DOWNLOAD] Special Events Planner template

[DOWNLOAD] Special Events Planner template

Hosting a 21st birthday party? Organizing a weekend away? Anniversary party? Wedding? Organizing Christmas? Or trying to plan the children's midterm week?
Or just have another event or week that requires a lot of planning?

Planning the event may be fun, but can still feel stressful. Sharing your plan keeps you from being the project manager on the actual day, as all involved will know the schedule (and their responsibilities). Making everyone prepared for what will happen at what time, will keep both them and you at ease. Our free beautiful template gives you the structure you need and is perfect for printing to paper or as a .pdf attachment. When everyone has the plan on their phone, they can easily click on the links you've added to get the information you need. Less questions on the big day and more enjoyment!

The special event template acts  structures the times for booked activities and leaves space to add information and links to the plan. A cool post-it is created from the items you add so no one will forget to bring their umbrella that day! Send the plan as a .pdf file to those involved so that they can click on the links and get the information they need as the day(s) progress.

The special week template acts  structures events planned for each day.

Use the suggestion list as a starting point and print it out. Family members can now add their ideas and wishes to be considered. Plan the midterm together with the children to get their input on what they wish to do.

Having guests for the holidays? Giving everyone and overview of what happens on which day, which meals are planned etc. will make it easier for your guests to contribute..

Once printed, hang it up for everyone to see and add suggestions as you get closer to the holidays.

The templates has been created in MS Excel and can be customized in Excel online. If you wish to make bigger changes you should use Excel desktop version.

The templates also include a simple guide to how you can make your customizations.

Get your own copy of the templates her:

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We take our templates seriously

We love templates! When someone has thought through and tested a template in order for other to just enjoy - fantastic!
We believe a good template is a helpful tool that makes a process simpler by providing a starting point, while making room for personal customizations.
We have made and testet several templates for the household which make every day life just a little bit simpler for busy families. Our templates follow these principles:

  • simple modern design
  • ready to use
  • customizable in Excel
  • print friendly

We'd love to hear what you think! It inspires us to be better!

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