[DOWNLOAD] Wish List & Gift List templates

[DOWNLOAD] Wish List & Gift List templates

Giving and receiving gifts is associated with joy and traditions that give us fond memories. But there is often a lot of preparations required to get ther. Who to buy for, what to get? And did I remember to puchase the present from Aunt Jill? Our wish list and gift list templates makes it easy to stay on top of things, and helps share the responsibility with other family members.

The simple gift list can be printed over several pages if needed, but gives you a nice and clean overview of which gifts to buy, and to and from whom. You can track budget, prices, what has been bought and what has been wrapped all in one list!

The template is also ideal to help children organize their presents for Christmas. It is a simple introduction to taking part in the holiday preparations. If you have many gift lists lying around, we recommend color coding them to easily tell them appart.





The individual list is ideal if you are buying presents for the same person on behalf of many different people. Make a note of your ideas, your budget and purchases, and then at the end decide which presents should be given from whom. As with the simple gift list, you can also track what has been bought and what has been wrapped in this list! 


The wish list has a simple but beautiful design which makes it fun for the children to add items. Keep it safe and updated throughout the year. Print out new ones when birthdays or christmas is approaching to get the children thinking about what they really wish for this year. So when Uncle Tom phones and asks what Oliver wants for his birthday, you know the answer! We recommend color coding the wish lists to make it easier to tell them appart.


 The template can be opened and customized in Excel online, but if you wish to make bigger customizations you should use Excel desktop version.

The template also includes a simple guide to how you can make your customizations. Visualization is key to involving other family members in the preparations. 

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We take our templates seriously

We love templates! When someone has thought through and tested a template in order for other to just enjoy - fantastic!
We believe a good template is a helpful tool that makes a process simpler by providing a starting point, while making room for personal customizations.
We have made and testet several templates for the household which make every day life just a little bit simpler for busy families. Our templates follow these principles:

  • simple modern design
  • ready to use
  • customizable in Excel
  • print friendly

We'd love to hear what you think! It inspires us to be better!

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