FamilyBoard is an interactive board that collects and makes visible the family's commitments, and makes the information available to all family members both at home and on the go. FamilyBoard makes the family harmonious. We have tested Family Board over several months with several families and the effects are very positive, read more about it here.

Interactive board

FamilyBoard is a 21.5 '' interactive board placed centrally in the home. This provides a good overview both for single days and for full weeks.

Calendar for family members

Calendar with functions specifically designed for planning and visualizing activities in the family.

Synch with all other calendars

Synchronize all other digital calendars so that everyone sees things in context

Mobile App

Each family member can download the FamilyBoard Mobile App on their phone and carry the information in their pocket.

Digital photo frame

Photo frame for your digital photos with easy upload from your mobile

Weather forecast

Weather forecast synchronized with which makes it easier to plan the day



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I do not have to remind my husband as much. Now we are both aware that everything should be in the calendar.


Pilot customer

Potential conflicts in our plans are visible so we no longer have situations where you have to be in two places at the same time.


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I spend less time coordinating. The children have been given and are taking more responsibility which reduces the time I spend figuring things out.


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The board enables us to plan ahead and there are fewer surprises.


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I am surprised at the positive effect the pictures have had. It brings back memories and contributes to conversations we have not had before.


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There have been fewer embarrassing episodes where I have forgotten something for kindergarten or school.


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Everyday life is simpler and I feel that there is less nagging. We have become happier.


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The weather forecast means that 5 people don't need to check their mobile in the morning to plan the day.


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Our 8-year-old checks the calendar all the time. He recognizes his color and is interested in what he is going to be doing.


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