Our Family Software consists of a small but dedicated team. Marte S. Tuseth had an idea that coordination at home did not have to be so difficult if one applied the same principles as efficient companies.

So through digitalization and visualization we have developed and tested our first product. What initially was thought to be a software, has become a physical product as all our testing shows that an app on a mobile unit is not enough. Things need to be visualized and physically present for us to be reminded to check and add items to our schedule.

So here it is FamilyBoard an interactive board for families that wish to spend less time on coordinating logistics and more time on what's meaningful! You can read about the results from our pilot testing here.

We have lots of ideas that will be incorporated into this product, so watch this space for updates!


Marte S. Tuseth

CEO / Founder

Marte is the founder and has for many years tried and tested techniques she has learned in large corporations at home. She is a LEAN enthusiast and loves digital tools that make the day easier both professionally and personally.
Marte is very analytical and leaves very little to chance but she is always willing to try everything at least once.


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