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Interactive board

FamilyBoard is a 21,5" interactive board that runs on Android 9.

FamilyBoard comes with two possibilities of installation, a circular stand and 2 plug holes. Our recommendation is to mount the FamilyBoard to the wall in order to keep it safe and without possibility of moving (falling).
All our pilot customers kept their FamilyBoard in the kitchen to get full effect of the system.

FamilyBoard is delivered with 4 views:
Photo frame + 2 week view
Photo frame + 2 day view
Photo frame only (guest mode)
4 week view (no photo frame)

You can easily choose between these views to find what works best for your family.
You select the color for each family member so it is up to you to select whether you want pastel, colorful or monochrome look.
You can also activate color inversion in order to get a 'dark mode' display.

FamilyBoard runs on Android 9.1, so any app available on this Android version will run on the board.
It is important to note that we do not make any guarantees with regards to running other apps, as only the FamilyBoard software has been optimised for this tablet (most tablets are between 7-13 inches, where the FamilyBoard is 21,5").

The interactive board also has limited storage so we do not recommend storing data or files on the board.

FamilyBoard is very much like other tablets only it is bigger. It does not come with a protective cover, so should not be dropped. It should be mounted correctly before you start using it.

All our testing shows that the interactive board is an essential part of getting use out of the system.

All our pilot customers have given feedback that the size of the board isessential to get the correct overview.
The FamilyBoard is 21,5" which is 4x the size of a 10" tablet.
The FamilyBoard gives a 2 week overview so the whole family can plan ahead and see things before they happen.

App / Mobile App

The app is currently being tested in beta-version and will be launched very soon for out first customers.

All our testing shows that the biggest effect of FamilyBoard is the visualization. The board is therefore an essential part of the system and creates involvement from the whole family.

You can add 9 family members to the app. This is due to the natural limitations of visualization.

Price & payment

The interactive board which is a one-off purchase, has a price of 5490 NOK.
The subscription costs 99 NOK pr. month, 1088 NOK per year.
When you buy the interactive board we are offering a discount in the annual subscription.

We are trying to keep the cost of the FamilyBoard down, but electronics and especially touch tablets of this size are costly to produce.
The software is specifically developed for this platform and we are constantly working on improving it and developing more functionality which will give families more time for meaningful things.

We believe that everything can be improved and are working to continuously to improve and develop new functionality on the FamilyBoard to make it a on-stop tool for the family. All upgrades and new functionality is included in your FamilyBoard subscription.

Your annual subscription does not start before you get your delivery of the FamilyBoard. However, access to the FamilyBoard mobile app may become available to you before you receive your board, and we encourage you to download, give access to familymembers and start using the mobile app while you wait for your board delivery.
Your subscription will not start before your FamilyBoard is delivered.

We have partnered with NETS payment and accept credit cards, debit cards, invoice or partial payments through Afterpay and VIPPS.


The FamilyBoard needs to be plugged in and have access to WIFI in order to operate correctly.

The FamilyBoard works even without connection to WIFI, but there will be no synching of data in this state. You can add new entries, but this will only be synched across to the mobile app once the board is connected to WIFI again.


Please see our Terms & Conditions of Terms & Conditions of Purchase for more details.

You may return the tablet to us within 30 days of receipt if you are not happy with your purchase.
Contact us beforehand by e-mail at info@ourfamilysoftware.com and we will help organise the return.
We recommend that you keep the original packaging until you are certain you wish to keep the FamilyBoard, as this will insure that it is returned to us in the correct condition.

Please contact us at support@ourfamilysoftware.com your contact details, and we will assist you as soon as possible.